IPR infringement investigation service in Vietnam

KENFOX represents clients at every stage of trademark disputes—pre-enforcement analysis, investigation, cease and desist, preliminary injunctions and, conducting coordinated raids with law enforcement bodies (namely, Customs authorities, Market Management Bureau, Police, specialized Inspectorates of Science & Technology or Inspectorate of Culture, Sports and Tourism), mediation, trial and appeal.

While there is no “one size fits all” approach to fight against counterfeit and or IP infringement goods, an effective, cost-efficient and credible internal investigation requires selecting the appropriate investigators, defining a sufficiently narrow investigation scope, preparing an action plan with achievable deadlines, and collaboratively executing the plan. And KENFOX Investigation Team is here to assist you.  Our Investigation Team is built on our associates and other outsourcing forces in case required by KENFOX clients. In particulars, there are specialist IP investigators of KENFOX who are able to track infringing and counterfeit product from manufacturing source in Vietnam and based on the investigation’s result of other outsourcing forces, release their conclusions on the possible IPRs infringements and resolution of dispute and enforcement.

The enforcement team of our firm has extensive expertise and experience in fighting against IPR infringement, preventing the counterfeit/infringing goods at the customs and deterring the potential infringers. Our experience extends to all kinds of intellectual property, including patents, designs, trademarks (anti-counterfeiting), copyrights (anti-piracy), domain name, trade names, trade secrets, and unfair competition.

KENFOX IP lawyers rely upon strong trademark policing efforts and the judicious use of protest letters to afford clients ongoing protection against trademark dilution while relieving them from the burden of conducting their own policing investigations. Such efforts frequently enable KENFOX clients to put a halt to third party encroachment before expensive and time-consuming enforcement actions under civil, criminal or administrative route can be taken.

When disputes rise to necessity of taking civil, criminal or administrative actions, KENFOX IP lawyers represent clients before relevant enforcement authorities, such as Market Management Bureau, Police, specialized Inspectorates of Science & Technology or Inspectorate of Culture, Sports and Tourism or Courts. We have extensive experience handling all type of complex IP infringements as our lawyers have successfully coordinated with various enforcement authorities in Vietnam in anti-counterfeit campaigns conducted nationwide.

Apart from handling IPR infringement cases, we also effectively manage smaller proceedings, such as hundreds of opposition and cancellation proceedings before Department of Enforcement and Appeal Settlement, National of Intellectual Property of Vietnam, Ministry of Science & Technology of Vietnam as well as various cases in need of expert witness (or expert opinions) from Vietnam Intellectual Property Research Institute (VIPRI) annually.