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Customs recordal of trademark rights and customs brand protection training

KENFOX understands that concerns regarding counterfeiting and piracy have become increasingly acute as markets have globalized and many goods sold in Vietnam are imported.  Practically, counterfeit goods with unauthorized use of trademarks are usually sold at below market prices which erodes profits and damages the mark owners’ brand in the marketplace.

More progress in customs recordal has been made in Vietnam recently. More positive amendment has been made to the customs related laws, aiming at encouraging the IPR owners to vigorously fight against counterfeits at the customs. Recording trademarks with Customs Supervision Department, under General Department of Customs of Vietnam is now more straightforward and inexpensive. Thus, it can be a quick and cost-effective method of preventive enforcement of a trade mark owner’s rights However, each trade mark recorded must be constructed carefully to avoid the accidental seizure of the owner’s own goods or the goods of an authorized licensee or distributor

KENFOX IP lawyers have expertise not only securing national and international protection of trademark rights, but also recording registered trademarks with the customs offices in Vietnam. The process of recording a mark with customs to protect against counterfeit must be handled with care and precision. Our trademark attorneys can help you protect your brand identity from counterfeit goods that flow into domestic commerce, safeguard your profits, and preserve your reputation.


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