copyright infringement assessment

For copyright infringement matters in Vietnam, the copyright owners may obtain assessment through Expertise Center of Copyright, Related Rights(“ECCR”) which was established in 2016, under Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism. We note, however, that as the ECCR has just come into operation, the ECCR’s officials always require to check all documents to be assessed before accepting to receive them for assessment purpose∗.

Under the laws, the following documents are required for copyright infringement assessment:

a) The written request for the assessment, including:

- The name and address of the individual or organization that requests the assessment;

- The ID number or the number of the Establishment Decision or the number of the certificate of operation registration, the date and place of issue of the individual or organization that requests the assessment.

- The phone number, fax number, or email of the individual or organization that requests the assessment;

- The status of the requester (author; owner of copyright, owner of relevant rights; the person that have relevant rights and interests; other status);

- The grounds for the request;

- The assessment content;

- The relevant contents;

b) The enclosed documents:

- The samples that need assessment;

- The documents proving the copyright, the ownership of the copyright, the ownership or relevant rights, works, and the subjects of relevant rights;

- The relevant documents.

Decision No.1981/QD-BVHTTDL, dated June 03, 2016, on settlement of Expertise Center of Copyright, Related Rights under Copyright Office of Vietnam