Trademark Admendment

Recordal of change for trademark owner’s name/address in Vietnam

Required documents for trademark recordal of change:

(i). An original signed Power of Attorney (“PoA”) executed by the trademark applicant/owner with the new name/address (Neither legalization nor notarization is required).

(ii). An original notarized Declaration of company name/address change executed by the trademark applicant/owner or a certified true copy of Certificate of Company Name/Address Change (or Certificate of Merger) issued by a competent authority. 

(iii). An original Certificate of Trademark Registration (in case of registered trademark).

Important Notes:

(i). Under Vietnamese laws, the applicant/owner of any trademarks applied/registered in Vietnam is entitled to request the the Intellectual Property Office of Vietnam (“IP Vietnam”) to record the change in respect of its company name/address.

(ii). The change in respect of the company name/address is recorded for each trademark application/registration.

(iii). Currently, the company merger is recorded in type of recordal of the change of the company name and address.

(iv). It takes about 3-5 months from the request date for the recordal of the change in respect of the company name/address.

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