Trademark Renewal

Our trademark prosecution services do not end when a trademark is successfully registered. We understand that getting your IP in place is important, but it’s just the start. Managing intellectual property is a vital ongoing task once patent protection, trade mark protection or design registration is in place. Trademarks, like any type of intellectual property, require consistent attention. To maintain IP such as trademark protection, you must pay renewals on time.

A company’s trademarks are the DNA that makes up its identity and sets it apart from the competition. As such, proper protection of a company’s trademarks requires focused and proactive measures. Trademark renewal is an integral part of such measures. We understand that when it comes to the safeguarding and maintenance of such valuable assets you can’t afford to cut corners or take risks. Reinstating lapsed IP rights is difficult at best, if not impossible. Because of this, it’s vital to monitor deadlines and never miss renewal dates. You need to be sure you are entrusting the safety of your IP rights to an IP agent that has the expertise and stability to protect them.

Our attorneys provide full registration maintenance and renewal services for domestic and international trademarks. The firm’s attorneys proactively monitor the clients’ trademark portfolio and handle the filing of required documents throughout the life of each mark.